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Sefora Velez

Coconut moon body oil 50g

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Moisturise your imperfections away with our tropical holiday in a bottle body oil.Coconut Moon is a coconut scented body oil infused with Moonstone crystal. Known as the stone of ‘new beginnings’, it enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love.

Almond Oil is an excellent natural skincare ingredient. It is known to soften & smooth the skin. An oil that is high in vitamin E and is suitable for all types of skin. Almond Oil is highly moisturising, restorative & protective making it a beautiful anti-aging oil.

Directions: Apply daily to soften, smooth and moisturise the body


Caution: CONTAINS NUTS. Keep away from direct sunlight. For external use only. Patch test for 24 hours. If allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use and seek medical attention.

The Sefora Velez range of luxurious fragrance oils are infused with crystals. They will indulge your body and mind to bring clarity and peace.

In our busy day-to-day lives, it’s essential to slow down and take some time for you, prioritise your own happiness, wellness and energy. Practising self-care is merely paying attention to yourself, your body and mind. In return, you feel good mentally and emotionally with a sense of peace. You get to know yourself, and you can practice self-awareness simultaneously, which will improve your ability to cope and manage emotions, stress and other unsettling feelings. The Sefora Velez range was developed to help you to do just that.